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I have been a client of Mark Allison’s for the past fifteen years.  In that time Mark ...

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Progressive Financial Planning Limited

Do You Need Sound Unbiased Investment Advice?  

Investment decisions have a major impact on the quality of your life and your family, both now and in the future. They should be based on facts and analysis not emotion and personal bias.
Do you really have the knowledge, experience and objectivity required to go it alone? Can you really afford to trust free advice from someone who stands to gain financially if you buy a particular product?

Fee-Based Financial Advice

At Progressive Financial Planning in Christchurch, our certified financial planners specialise in investment advice and UK pension fund transfers. We are totally upfront with no hidden agendas. Like doctors, accountants or other trusted professionals, we make a living by charging our clients fees in exchange for our expert knowledge, advice and service.

We are not a finance company. We do not make commissions from selling financial products to new clients. We do not carry any product quota.  Instead we provide financial advice and help you implement it. If this generates any commission* the money gets rebated back to you the client. This means we are motivated to recommend the best product for your situation, not the one with the largest commission.

Think about it! Would you want it any other way? Imagine going to a doctor who gave free advice but was financially motivated to prescribe the drug with the biggest commission? You’d be crazy! So why accept this kind of behaviour from a financial adviser?

* There is one exception. On cash accounts within client portfolios commission is retained to reduce administration workload.

Why Choose Progressive Financial Planning?

To get true value from a certified financial planner, it is important you form an ongoing relationship with the right person.
Our clients choose us because:

  • We are unbiased, experienced, tertiary trained and fully informed. We pay for the best financial research and check out the status of financial products before recommending them.
  • We are performance-oriented. We recommend where your money will provide the best possible returns given your risk profile. We review your investments regularly, report how they are performing and actively seek out new products in the market to consider if any might work for you.
  • We communicate well. We listen to you and take into consideration any preferences you may have about where you want to invest your money. If you have a good investment we will tell you. If you have a bad investment we will tell you.Things are black or white. There is no grey. We will tell it like it is.
  • We are passionate about what we do. We make sure you enjoy interacting with us. We strive to get every detail right and always welcome your feedback.
  • We are team players and can collaborate with your other advisers such as your lawyer, accountant and trust specialist.

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