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We bring ideas to life by combining years of experience with timely strategies.

Who We Are

We’re local Cantabrians with over 30 years experience providing independent financial advice.

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What We Do

We help you understand your finances by creating a comprehensive financial plan.

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Our Process

Beginning with a consultation, we tailor our process to your motivations and goals.

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Mark Allison

Director and Lead Financial Planner

Mark Alison is a Certified Financial Planner and the Director of Progressive Financial
Planning Ltd. Working with clients in Christchurch and Canterbury for more than 30
years, Mark’s approach to asset management is simple. Give straight-to-the-point advice, backed by research, and support this with client education.

You won’t find a more black-and-white financial advisor than Mark. In meeting with
him you’ll;

  • Build and grow your wealth.
  • Receive tailored advice that gives you the facts to make sound decisions.
  • Gain the understanding and skills to take charge of your financial planning.

As Mark says to his clients, ‘making your money make money.’

What We Offer

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Experienced local experts

As local Cantabrians, we get to know our clients well, building a full picture of each client’s current financial situation, motivations and goals before providing recommendations. It’s our commitment to understanding individual needs, and our long-standing accountability, which has made us one of the most trusted financial advisors in Christchurch.

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Making money

make money

At Progressive Financial Planning, we have a saying; making money make money. This philosophy underpins our financial advice, our goal is to get your money to work hard for you. We’ll ensure your investment, wealth or pension plan is invested in line with the level of risk you are comfortable with and level required to achieve your financial goals.

Our job is to ensure your financial assets are doing more than sitting idly in the bank. We grow your wealth over time, keeping you on target to secure a successful

Transparent service

We maintain an open-door approach, giving you the freedom to observe and engage with the investment process as extensively as you’d like.

If you’re also consulting additional advisors, lawyers, accountants or trust specialists, we’re happy to collaborate to generate the best outcome for your situation.

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"Mark’s vast experience in dealing with clients who know very little about the world of finance and investments became evident, and he was able to educate us using suitable terminology, enabling us to understand and make appropriate choices."

Midge and Stuart Holding

"Mark is very effective in clearly explaining financial aspects which we find complex, and he makes excellent use of freehand graphs to illustrate points, trends and financial investment relationships."

Geoff and Lorraine Scholes

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What you can expect


Our open-ended process means you have the benefit of contacting us whenever the need arises, to discuss tactics.



Our secure strategy process means your investment is continually being monitored and adjustments are recommended from time to time due to changing financial events.


We ensure that you’re fully aware of any potential risks to your investment, so you can sign off on a plan that suits your risk level.



Some advisories are happy with the processes they first implemented 30 years ago. For us, it’s all about what’s best for you now and what are the next best steps to take.

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Mark Allison