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Making money make money.

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About Us

About Us

Our trusted team has been providing financial advice in Christchurch and Canterbury for more than 30 years.



From personal financial planning to wealth management and investment, we’re here to help you build your wealth.

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Unsure where you need to be in ten, twenty or thirty years time? Come see us for a free first-time consultation.

How money
makes money

Our advice is based on the latest market research compiled through independent channels, ensuring you receive an un-biased, researched opinion before making important financial decisions.

We want you to succeed and we’re driven by performance, rather than by commission. Your money is hard-earned so our goal is to get your money to work hard for you.

We put your options in black and white to enable sound decision making, giving you
better control of your finances now and peace of mind for the future.

How moneymakes money



Our financial advisors are here to help you get the maximum benefit from your hard-earned money. We listen carefully to build a clear picture of your financial situation and what you’d like to achieve. We’ll support you to make sound decisions, backed by the latest research, and assist in structuring, protecting and growing your wealth.

Close monitoring of investments ensures optimal performance, while our continuous market research identifies opportunities for enhancement. We can manage your investments, assets and wealth on your behalf. So, if you need to navigate tax planning, inheritance, wealth protection or estate management, come see us.


It’s about managing your money to shape your financial future, a coordinated effort that enables you to maximise your resources. Having a solid financial plan, formed by straight-forward, independent financial advice gives you the power to make informed decisions, ensuring you're optimising every aspect of your finances.

If you're thinking about a comfortable retirement, building your investment portfolio,
or optimising cash management, we’re here to guide you, maximising your ability to achieve your goals.



Whether you're looking to access your UK overseas pensions or other overseas pensions, we’ve got you covered.

Transferring your pension can be time consuming and frustrating. Our advice can
streamline the process, guiding you through and ensuring that you're fully informed every step of the way.

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Our Solutions

With more than 30 years in financial planning, we offer long-term strategic thinking backed by research for the investment market.

We have a strong emphasis on relationship-building, getting to know our clients well. By building a full picture of each client’s situation, motivations and goals, we are able to provide truly tailored advice that can only come from putting the client first.

Our planned approach will help you become more effective with your cash management. The plan we create ensures that you're on track to reach your financial goals and gives you peace of mind for the future.

Fees are based on providing expert knowledge, advice and service to you the client, based on your needs. Our primary disclosure document is available on request. We’re not a finance company and we don’t make commissions from selling financial products to clients.

From the initial consultation, we help you draw up a financial plan, then we assist in putting it into place with regular reviews to ensure that you are on track.

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Our office is located in Westmorland, Christchurch and is open to our clients during working hours by appointment. Get in contact to book a time to speak in person, or
to talk over the phone.

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